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Aanvios Multimedia Academy is an institute that focuses purely on various key multimedia aspects in Photography, Videography, Film editing, Graphic designing, VFX & animation. Here we aim to nurture upcoming and passionate students in the field of Multimedia. Aanvios Multimedia Academy has an in-house production company currently doing ad films, short films, and modeling shoots, which helps the students have real-life exposure to practical aspects of the topics learned. The primary purpose behind an in-house production company is to have students know the current market trends and to get updated about the latest technologies.

When discussing our past, Initially, in 2022, we had planned to establish a studio. Students who heard about the business concept suggested starting an institution rather than a studio because institutes these days charge at a premium that most students cannot afford. The advice from the students led us to reconsider and make a different choice, which was a crucial turning point in our company path. The key visionary and person in charge of turning this concept into reality is Amal Dev R K, one of the four directors, who began his professional career more than 10 years ago. We began our business journey on May 2023 in Kaloor in the Ernakulam district in Kerala.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce graduates who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the area of multimedia.Our graduates will be qualified to oversee the creation of all forms of media, including animation, VFX, graphic design, and photography and videography.

Our Vision

Aanvios Multimedia Academy provides students with a stunning curriculum that is committed to cutting-edge training and practicals while they are studying, preparing them to be successful individuals in the multimedia area.

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  • Open mindedness
  • Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Service to others
  • Professionalism
  • Visualization & Passion
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